Printed concrete

Self-leveling mortar

(Aplication of thermoacoustics systems)

For that we use the best existing materials on the market.

  • Waterproofing mortar: Tradimur de puma
  • Rockwool

Our system consists in the projection of the mortar against the façade to isolating. Once projected this does to fill with mortar, avoiding that the water transfer, but allowing the perspiration of the building, then it is not a steam barrier, after the agreement one proceeds to the placement of the rockwool. Nowadays the rockwool marks Rock-wool , is a material that improves the quality of life of million persons and helps to relieve environmental problems, like the greenhouse effect, the toxic fog and the acid rain.

The isolation Rocwool provides to us interior comfortable environments, isolating of the intense cold and the troublesome noises. In hot climates, the rockwool also helps to support interior fresh temperatures. The Rockwool helps to save lives, on having improved the resistance to the fire of the constructive elements, provides these minutes extra that are essential to avoid or to rescue people in a fire.